Orgyen Namdrol Choling, a center for Dzogchen studies, is a community of practitioners dedicated to the teachings and practices of the Nyingma lineage flowing from Gonjang Rinpoche of Gonjang Monastery, Gangtok, Sikkim. Instruction is based on the Nine Yanas (vehicles) of Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism. These practices gradually introduce the nature of mind to the practitioner.  The view from which one approaches the Nine Yanas is that the awakened state already exists within. Through continued use of the practices, direct experience of our Great Completeness (Dzogchen) becomes possible.

The Center for Dzogchen Studies was established in New Haven, CT in 1993 by Dorje Loppön, Padma Karma and three practitioners. In 2017 the Center moved to its current location in Litchfield, CT. The nine idyllic acres of property and four rustic buildings were consecrated and given the name Orgyen Namdrol Choling by Tingkye Gonjang Rinpoche. Lama Padma Karma is Resident Director.